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The Kentucky Pro Football Hall of Fame Past Inductees:

  • Kentucky is the only state that has its own Pro Football Hall of Fame.
  • The purpose of the KY Pro Football Hall of Fame is to appropriately honor persons that have brought significant recognition to the state of Kentucky, or have by their unusual successful service achieved significant accomplishment on behalf of their school, or have by a significant act or contribution distinguished themselves as an unusual former National Football League player, coach, referee, owner, manager, etc., or have been a significant or unusual supporter of Pro Football.

The State of Kentucky has Six NFL Hall of Famers

George McAfee ~ Johnny Unitas ~ George Blanda

Paul Hornung ~ Dermontti Dawson~ Champ Bailey

Class of 2003
Lex, KY Embassy

Lenny Lyles
Jeff Van Note
Moe Williams
Buddy Ryan
Dermontti Dawson

Class of 2004
Lex, KY Embassy

Frank Minnifield
Babe Parilli
Art Still
David Akers
Will Wolford

Class of 2005
Lex, KY Hilton Hotel

Sam Ball
Derrick Ramsey
Dwayne Woodruff
Doug Pelfrey
Dennis Johnson
Deion Branch

Class of 2006
Lex, KY Hilton Hotel

Bob Gain
Wally Chambers
Marc Logan
Marty Moore
Jason Dunn
Tom Hammond

Class of 2007
Lex, KY
Campbell House 

Romeo Crennel
Phyllis George
Tom Jackson
Frank LeMaster


Class of 2008
Lex, KY
Campbell House 

Howard Schnellenberger
Bruce McNorton
Mark Higgs
Tim Couch
Ted Washington

Class of 2009
Lex, KY
Opera House

Shaun Alexander
Joe Federspiel
John Jackson
Sam Madison
Jim Marshall

Class of 2010
Lex, KY  
Opera House

Bill Arnsparger
Yeremiah Bell
Cris Dishman
Joe Jacoby
Gary Shirk

Class of 2011
Lexington, KY
Opera House

Kerry Rhodes
Phil Simms
Bob Talamini
Dale Lindsey
Rod Hill

Class of 2012
Louisville, KY Louisville Palace

Maurice Moorman
Dan Neal
William H. Paris
Rob Bironas
Chris Redman

Class of 2013
Louisville, KY Louisville Palace

Chad Bratzke
Otis Wilson
Roman Oben
Coy Bacon
Irv Goode

Class of 2014
Louisville, KY Brown Theatre

Centre College
Larry Seiple
Sherman Lewis
Mark Clayton
Elvis Dumervil

Class of 2015
Louisville, KY Brown Theatre

Jacob Tamme
Aaron Jones

Gil Mains
Doug Buffone

Class of 2016
Lexington, KY
Lex Opera House

Blanton Collier
Council Rudolph
Warren Bryant
Myron Guyton
Ray Buchanan

Class of 2017
Lexington, KY
Lex Opera House

William Gay
Todd Perry
Virgil Livers
Ernie Green
Bruce Korzerski

Class of 2018
Lexington, KY
Lex Opera House

Wesley Woodyard
Tim Lester
Ernest Givins
Guy Morriss
Tommy Bell


Class of 2019
Lexington, KY
Lex Opera House

Champ Bailey
Corey Peters
Joe Johnson
David Carter
Lou Michaels


Class of 2020
Lexington, KY
Channel 36 Lex, Ky

Cletidus Hunt
Leeman Bennett
Glenn Presnell
Eric Wood
Elois Grooms
BoB Fry

Class of 2022
Lexington, KY
Channel 36 Lex, Ky

Randall Cobb
Elbie Nickel
Steve Ortmayer
George Wilson
Reggie Swinton
Lee Calland

Class of 2023
Lexington, KY
Channel 36 Lex, Ky







The 2023 Induction Class will be announced during the Kentucky Pro Football Hall of Fame annual Press Conference on Thursday February   2, 2023

Criteria for Induction

A class of no less than 4 and no more than 8 nominees will be inducted into the KY Pro Football Hall of Fame each year. Only one of the inductees may be deceased.  To be nominated to the KY Pro Football Hall of Fame all nominees must satisfy the following qualifications:

Section 1: An inductee will be a former/current National Football League player, coach, referee, owner, management, etc., or have been a significant and/or unusual supporter of Pro Football, and who also attended a school in the state of Kentucky, but may not reside in the state of Kentucky.

Section 2: An inductee will be a former/current National Football League player, coach, referee, owner, management, etc., or have been a significant and/or unusual supporter of Pro Football, and who was either born or presently resides in the state of Kentucky.

Section 3: All former/current National Football League players must have 5 or more accredited seasons.

Section 4: Any Player, Coach, Referee, Owner, Management, etc that meets criteria’s section 1,2, & 3 and is inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame is automatically a member of the Kentucky Pro Football Hall of Fame.

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Where did our Kentucky Pro Football Hall of Famers play high school football?  What college did they attend and which NFL team did our Hall of Famers play for (only one team per player)?

Kentucky Pro Football Hall of Fame Databse
Hall of Famer HOF Class High school College Team NFL Team
Dermontti Dawson 2003 Bryan Station Kentucky Pittsburg Steelers
Lenny Lyles 2003 Central Louisville Baltimore Colts
Buddy Ryan 2003 Gainesville HS Oklahoma A&M Philadelphia Eagles
Jeff Van Note 2003 St. Joseph Prep Kentucky Atlanta Falcons
Moe Williams 2003 Spencer Kentucky Minnesota Vikings
David Akers 2004 Tates Creek Louisville Philadelphia Eagles
Frank Minnifield 2004 Henry Clay Louisville Cleveland Browns
Babe Parilli 2004 Rochester Kentucky New York Jets
Art Still 2004 Camden Kentucky Kansas City Chiefs
Will Wolford 2004 St. Xavier Vanderbilt Buffalo Bills
Sam Ball 2005 Henderson Kentucky Baltimore Colts
Deion Branch 2005 Monroe Comprehensive Louisville New England Patriots
Dennis Johnson 2005 Harrodsburg Kentucky Arizona Cardinals
Doug Pelfrey 2005 Scott Kentucky Cincinnati Bengals
Derrick Ramsey 2005 Hastings, Camden Kentucky Oakland Raiders
Dwayne Woodruff 2005 New Richmond Louisville Pittsburg Steelers
Wally Chambers 2006 Mount Clemens Eastern Kentucky University Chicago Bears
Jason Dunn 2006 Harrodsburg Eastern Kentucky University Kansas City Chiefs
Bob Gain 2006 Weir Kentucky Cleveland Browns
Tom Hammond 2006 Lafayette Kentucky
Marc Logan 2006 Bryan Station Kentucky Miami Dolphins
Marty Moore 2006 Highland Kentucky New England Patriots
Romeo Crennel 2007 Bowling Green Western Kentucky University New York Giants
Phyllis George 2007 Denton TCU
Tom Jackson 2007 Adams Louisville Denver Broncos
Frank LeMaster 2007 Bryan Station Kentucky Philadelphia Eagles
Tim Couch 2008 Leslie County Kentucky Cleveland Browns
Mark Higgs 2008 Owensboro Kentucky Miami Dolphins
Bruce McNorton 2008 Spruce Creek Georgetown College Detroit Lions
Howard Schnellenberger 2008 Flaget Kentucky Miami Dolphins
Ted Washington 2008 Tech Louisville Cleveland Browns
Shaun Alexander 2009 Boone County Alabama Seattle Seahawks
Joe Federspiel 2009 Desales Kentucky New Orleans Saints
John Jackson 2009 Woodward Eastern Kentucky University Pittsburg Steelers
Sam Madison 2009 FL A&M Louisville Miami Dolphins
Jim Marshall 2009 Columbus East Ohio State Minnesota Vikings
Bill Arnsparger 2010 Paris Miami (OH) Baltimore Colts
Yeremiah Bell 2010 Clark County Eastern Kentucky University Miami Dolphins
Cris Dishman 2010 Desales Purdue Houston Texans
Paul Hornung 2010 Flaget Notre Dame Green Bay Packers
Joe Jacoby 2010 Louisville Western Louisville Washington Redskins
Gary Shirk 2010 Marysville Morehead State New York Giants
George Blanda 2011 Youngwood Kentucky Oakland Raiders
Rod Hill 2011 Martin Luther King Kentucky State University Buffalo Bills
Dale Lindsey 2011 Bowling Green Kentucky Cleveland Browns
Kerry Rhodes 2011 Bessemer Louisville Arizona Cardinals
Phil Simms 2011 Southern HS Morehead State New York Giants
Bob Talamini 2011 St. Xavier Kentucky Houston Oilers
Rob Bironas 2012 Trinity Georgia Southern Tennessee Titans
Mo Moorman 2012 St. Xavier Texas A&M Kansas City Chiefs
Dan Neal 2012 Atherton Kentucky Chicago Bears
Bubba Paris 2012 Desales Michigan San Francisco 49rs
Chris Redman 2012 Louisville Male Louisville Atlanta Falcons
Johnny Unitas 2012 St. Justin's Louisville Baltimore Colts
Coy Bacon 2013 Kadiz Jackson State Los Angeles Rams
Chad Bratzke 2013 Bloomingdale Eastern Kentucky University Indianapolis Colts
Irv Goode 2013 Holmes Kentucky St. Louis Cardinals
George McAfee 2013 Corbin Duke Chicago Bears
Roman Oben 2013 Gonzaga College Louisville San Diego Chargers
Otis Wilson 2013 Jefferson Louisville Chicago Bears
Mark Clayton 2014 Cathedral Louisville Miami Dolphins
Centre College 2014 Centre College
Elvis Dumervil 2014 Louisville Baltimore Ravens
Sherman Lewis 2014 Dupont Manual Michigan State San Francisco 49rs
Larry Seiple 2014 William Allen Kentucky Miami Dolphins
Doug Buffone 2015 Shannon Valley Louisville Chicago Bears
Aaron Jones 2015 Apopka Eastern Kentucky University Pittsburg Steelers
Gil Mains 2015 Mt. Carmel Murray State Detroit Lions
Jacob Tamme 2015 Boyle County Kentucky Indianapolis Colts
Warren Bryant 2016 Kentucky Atlanta Falcons
Ray Buchannon 2016 Louisville Atlanta Falcons
Blanton Collier 2016 Georgetown College Cleveland Browns
Myron Guyton 2016 Eastern Kentucky University New York Giants
Council Rudolph 2016 Kentucky State University Arizona Cardinals
William Gay 2017 Louisville Pittsburg Steelers
Todd Perry 2017 North Hardin Kentucky Chicago Bears
Ernest “Ernie” Green 2017 Louisville Cleveland Browns
Bruce Kozerski 2017 Holy Cross college Cincinnati Bengals
Virgil Chester Livers 2017 Nelson County Western Kentucky University Chicago Bears
Wesley Woodyard 2018 Louisville Tennessee Titans
Tim Lester 2018 Eastern Kentucky University Pittsburg Steelers
Guy Morriss 2018 Texas Christian University Philadelphia Eagles
Ernest Givins 2018 Louisville Tennessee Titans
Tommy Bell 2018 Henry Clay Kentucky NFL Referee
Champ Bailey 2019 Denver Broncos
Corey Peters 2019 Central Louisville Arizona Cardinals
Joe Johnson 2019 Louisville New Orleans Saints
David Carter 2019 Western Kentucky University Houston Oilers
Lou Michaels 2019 Kentucky Baltimore Colts
Leeman Bennett 2020 Paducah Kentucky Atlanta Falcons
Cletidus Hunt 2020 Kentucky State University Green Bay Packers
Eric 2020 Louisville Buffalo Bills
Elois Grooms 2020 Tompkinsville Tennessee Tech New Orleans Saints
Bob Fry 2020 Kentucky Dallas Cowboys
Glenn Presnell 2020 Eastern Kentucky University Detroit Lions
Randall Cobb 2022 Alcoa High School Kentucky Green Bay Packers
Elbie Nickel 2022 South Shore (Ky) Cincinnati Pittsburg Steelers
Steve Ortmayer 2022 Painesville Ohio Vanderbilt Oakland Raiders
George Wilson 2022 Paducah Tilghman Arkansas Buffalo Bills
Reggie Swinton 2022 Little Rock Central Murray State Dallas Cowboys
Lee Calland 2022 louisville Central Louisville Pittsburg Steelers
Teddy Bridgewater 2023 Miami Northwestern Louisville Miami Dolphins
Frank Fuller 2023 DuBois Pennsylvania Kentucky Los Angeles Rams
Larry Kirksey 2023 Harlan Kentucky Eastern Kentucky University San Francisco 49ers
Joe Bugel 2023 Munhall (PA) Western Kentucky University Washington Redskins
Steve Wright 2023 Louisville (KY) Manual Alabama Green Bay Packers
Mike Mitchell 2023 Fort Thomas ky Kentucky Pittsburg Steelers

NFL teams with most Ky Pro Football HOFers

Kentucky Colleges Represented in the KY Pro Football HOF

Kentucky Pro Football Hall of Famers that attended High school in the state of Kentucky

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